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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  January 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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i am john treanor in for christine. that will be impressive later today. >> weather: i used to the live in manhattan we joked. there is no weather in new york. skyscrapers block it. but there is weather there. >> anchor: i have family there bracing with netflixs and refrigerator full of food. >> weather: good plan. do not want to romp in central park. >> anchor: it is impressive when snow hits. because streets x and see it so still. >> weather: eerie quiet. and in new york always constant hum. >> anchor: different here. >> weather: it is. our weekend is not bad. but media obsessed with blizzard back east. we will look good. not chamber of commerce weather. but we can deal with it. look here southeast valley. up to northwest. glittering lights of the strip. here is las vegas springs preserve.
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looking at the twinkling lights. it is 47 degrees on the strip. winds are calm. 45 percent relative humidity reflective of cloud cover aloft. moisture aloft. 27 is dewpoint cooler on the east side. washington and eastern 39 degrees. it is 40 on the westside. at charleston and 215 with southwest wind at 8 miles an hour. winds in 5 to 10 miles an hour range this afternoon before picking up tonight. you can see 40s predominateing across the valley. you have to go up to blue diamond to get into 30s. 42 pahrump. and 45 over at boulder city. clouds are around. skies cloudy. and moisture up in the talk about that. afternoon. but definitely the clouds are around. low 60s. there. with lack of sunshine. i think we will do it, clearing overnight. gusty winds. and shower possible. front comes rumbling through tonight. cooler. be cooler tomorrow.
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so it will be an interesting weekend. we will look ahead to that. and entire work week ahead. and talk about all the events back east. >> anchor: not a bad forecast if you are stuck here. >> weather: rather be here than manhattan this weekend. >> anchor: storm jerry mentioned set to hit the eastcoast. so big. roughly one in four americans will be caught in the blast. as we hear, the nation's capitol records. >> reporter: it takes a view from outer space to capture the shear size of this monster storm of the west to east. 85 million americans in 22 states, fully one quarter of the country's population in the path. the storm has already turned deadly. at least four people in north carolina and another in tennessee killed in storm related car crashes. but it is the nation's capital that may be hardest hit.
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in almost 100 years. mayor bowser preparing for the absolute worst. >> we see this as a major storm. it has life and death implications. >> reporter: predictions are staggering, 30 inches of snow, record breaking total expected in many areas. powerful winds getting up to 65 miles an hour. and crippling ice turning roads dangerous. snapping trees and power lines. causing power outages. seven states and washington, d.c. have declared states of emergency. hundreds of car accidents reported over the last two days in virginia alone. other riding message from the city and state leaders? >> if you do not have to drive do not drive. if you don't have to leave your home. don't. stay inside. stay safe. >> be careful. stay off the roads. >> reporter: i would plead
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>> reporter: at airports more than 6000 flights canceled. and many more cancellations expected. this united flight skid off the runway after landing at o'hare. and while no one was injured it is a sign of a horrendous weekend ahead. >> anchor: in the middle of it right now. forecasters expect the storm to reach the peak six hours ago. and this afternoon. see 10 inches of snowfall every six hours. gunshots from locations. that was an eerie sound. gun fire. against back drop of music on the strip's belagio fountain. police shooting and witness video on social media today. police received multiple calls about a man armed with a handgun walking in and out of traffic on las vegas boulevard.
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issued verbal commands that were ignored by the suspect. >> we have video that corroborates what witnesses were saying. >> anchor: officer fired but missed the suspect. later taken into custody. juvenile meanwhile was grazed by a bullet and transported to umc with minor injuries. they have since been released and are in good condition. n 20 but the third one in the last month. on december 17, metro officer gregory saint mimic shot in apartment complex on las vegas boulevard south near pebble. suspect fox found after a seven hour search. he faces charges. including tempted murder. another shooting left a 23-year-old dead on new years
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it happened near durango and desert inn. metro said no communication with federal officials. and thg armed. police in canada investigate a school shooting this morning. four people were killed in the school in laroshe. two others injured before officers arrested the suspect. police are not saying anything about the suspected shooter, or the victims. one student described the scene at a school to newspaper. he said he saw his friends storming out of the building yelling someone had a shotgun. prime minister called it every parents worst nightmare. >> anchor: well major recall this morning. dohl warning customers about a outbreak. infection they are concerned about. what you should throw out coming up. big changes for people that will choose best actor. oscars. las vegas seeing backlash with storms hitting the eastcoast. what the stranded are doing
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dedededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededede >> anchor: new this morning. time to check the frig. recall in affect on various brands of packaged salad that could be linked to a deadly listeria out break. centers for disease control said that 12 people were sick in six states. one patient died from listeria infection. all patients, ate package salad if a dole processing plant in springfield ohio. dole has issued a voluntary recall for all the salad showing manufacturing code you see right here. a at the beginning.
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to look for. dole has information on their website. well here is a scary number. tsa agents said that 2600 guns were found in carry on luggage last year. 82 percent of those were loaded. airports in dallas, atlanta, houston, denver, phoenix most confiscated guns. packaged firearms, parts and ammunition in carry-on bags is illegal. however, they are allowed to be checked in baggage if they are not loaded and airline is aware. coming up after the break. championship weekend. it is nfc championship game pitting the best against each other. randy has the latest in sports. something to look forward to. first look at the movie plenty
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for all coming up after this. >> anchor: welcome back. we are learning more about the woman that was accidently shot in a movie theater on thursday night. police say michele malary shot through the back of the chair. by a man who was fumbling with a loaded gun behind her. larry works for health care company in washington state. loved the patients that she worked with. family came flooding into the state after learning that she was shot. they say t`ey are relieved after learning her condition. >> they say she is in stable condition so good news. >> officials say shooter fumbling with the gun during the movie before it went off. he tried to run out of the
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tossed the gun clip into a trash can. they believe he was intoxicated and charged with suspected felony assault. 29-year-old told investigators he had the gun because he was afraid of a mass shooting at the theater. fans in many football teams come together to help a man beaten because he was rooting for the wrong team. sam white horn injured after weekend. his mom said that they made fun of him because he wore a green bay packers beanie at the bar. 49ers fan that believes the game never meant to be taken that seriously pulled a group of friends together to show support for white horn. >> i kind of explain our club a bit and say we like to make a gesture and get him a jersey, that way show everybody that we support him. and we support, you know, really standing together against violence in the sports. it is a problem at stadiums.
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green bay one and lanyard and key decal. >> anchor: police isolated three people of interest in the attack. investigators asking public to identify them. from surveillance. here is randy howe with sports. >> tonight rebels will be back on the floor looking for fourth straight win. as coach s rice. game tonight is up in reno. heading up north to take on wolf pac w same conference record. 3-3. since taking over the team a week and a half ago. be rebels averaging 89 points a game for simon. tonight when they step on the floor with the pack they will be more talented team, but pack coach and former nba guy eric muscleman will have the team ready but rebels can use depth and at letcism to take over the game. >> a lot of players, older team. they have guys that experienced this rivalry.
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attack i did south team of the of the aggressive defensive. do nice things on defense on the floor. so we will be executing, and we think a game with good tempo. >> tip off 7:00. televised on espn. if you want to check it out. from lawler event center in reno. on the scene. 18-0 and ranked fourth in super 25 ranking. good stuff t bishop gales. as part of the seventh annual big city showdown. big basketball tournament with high school themes town. they won last year final moments. two teams are not true conference rivals it feels like it. >> it is up there. this is our rivalry game. we look forward to it every year. and you know, good team.
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excited for the challenge to compete. >> excited coming in. biggest game of the state. two best teams in the state. see who is on top write, always called it friendly rivalry. because, you know, it is a lot at stake for school p city. so not play off or state championship or anything. but always been a real good friendly rivalry. >> but definitely want to win. we want to make that clear. >> anchor: all right. look at the record 14-6 but have only mcdonald's all american from the valley. zach collins on the floor 18-0. tip off 4:30 south point arena. we will have highlights later on in the day. all right. that's it for sports. back to you. >> anchor: randy thank you. the organization behind the oscars taking sweeping measures to double the number of women and minority members by 2020. action comes amid a backlash
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in main award categories in a unanimous vote thursday night. academy of motion picture arts and sciences approved several changes. among them is launching a global campaign to identify and recruit qualified new academy members. who represent greater diversity. new this morning. getting a look at the newest trailerer for third installment of divergent series. >> when first found out. i never thought it would come to this. i could never imagine i would be standing here time to go beyond the wall. >> anchor: what lies beyond the wall when the film hits theaters on march 18. well new video showed why it is a good thing to stay inside during a thunderstorm. check it out.
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natural phenomenon captured by security camera nearby school. bolt sent branches of bark flying near school and homes. nobody was hurt. that's a scary sight when you look at that. >> weather: yes. do not want to be under a tree in a thunderstorm. this is not -- this is philadelphia. the city of brotherly love. where brotherly love today constitutes your brother loaning you his snow shovel. they have the blizzard back east. and a dreary day back in old philly. but for us, our skies are brightening a tad as we approach the sunrise. dark. 42 at the downtown studios here at the station. winds calm. 63 percent. humidity is high. reflective of cloud cover. dewpoint is 30. and you have got 43 over at sunrise manner. 44 downtown las vegas.
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that's at palo verde high. cooler over at blue diamond. meanwhile we look regionally. officially 45 out at mccarran airport to 30 in tonopah. city of angels 35. and sub freezing in valley. look at the cold air. back eastm that's on the back side of the low. the storm. and you can see the mess back there. close in. low pretty much off virginia tidewater right now. cold air on the back side of it. blizzard conditions. there is the warm side of it. some moisture right along the cove in the form of rain. but that's still a developing situation. it will go on through the weekend. the blizzard of 16. and last big one i can remember i was working back there is in 96. blizzard of 96 was a mess. but they survived. they will survive. this could see snow up in the mountains. good chance today. you can see moisture developing already. on satellite doppler radar. meanwhile frontal system comes in kicking up winds.
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tonight to tomorrow. northerly breeze. and we have a trough down here with clouds associated with that. highs today. well, i think, we can creep it into low 60s. tough though because we will not have a lot of sunshine. we can do it because our winds will be southerly. overnight lows will start to come down. only thing keeping them up will be wind seemed all right. 63 today. a lot of clouds. may be an afternoon shower. 20 percent chance. winds are southerly. 10 a.m. 54. mid afternoon 61. and early evening 57. you can see winds are not a big deal through early evening. 10-to-15. getting higher. could see an early evening shower and gradual clearing. on the lake today 67. not bad. up on the mountain could see snow showers mixed with snow or rain at lower elevations. 46 with winds this afternoon to 30 miles an hour. and regionally, boy, i am telling you, sierra is doing. great look at the snowfall totals.
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squall valley 118. not bad in southern utah as well. here we go. looking ahead through the weekend. cooler but more sunshine tomorrow. we will be breeze. some afternoon breeze osmond day. we warm it up by week's end. we will be in mid to few upper 60s. just have to get through a so-so weekend. but compared to back east we are sitting pretty. >> i will take 60s, i guess, jerry. thank you. in an age where everything is going smart why not add your house to the list? today we will talk about new things for your home. new tech ideas. i buy this stuff and do not use it. you have things we will use and often. >> for sure. right now my house is -- this is the brain not at my house. so this controls what is going on. smart things hub. >> anchor: what does it do? >> anything. lights hooked up. front door. door bell. thermostat. i mean pretty much anything in the house shocked up. >> anchor: how do you operate
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>> once it is hooked up to wireless router install new apps and hardware into the house and control everything from your phone. what is nice about this is instead of having 18 apps for pieces you can buy for different things in the house this controls them all. so one app, one piece of everything from the one spot. >> anchor: talk about hooking up lights and door knobs do you need smart lights and smart door bells. >> for longest time i didn't get it was expensive. rewire the house. but now you can get just a bulb. screw it into the light. now that light is a smart light. you can control it from the phone. easy to run. >> anchor: what do you have over here. smart hub. this hooks up to light. controlled by siri. so i can say siri turn off the light. siri turn off lights downstairs. so whatever i want. this runs t you can see the
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cold and you are at work. >> from the watch driving home. turn down the thermostat to 72. this is cool. this runs, when i get home. it senses my presence and automatically unlocks the door as i walk up to it. no need for a key. who would have thought. key goes away. >> anchor: all hooked up >> yes. so as long as it is wireless and hooks up to apps for phone and watch. i get a notification as i walk up to the door and it unlocks. >> 10 years ago never would have thought. >> no way. price has come down. >> anchor: that's the question. house of the future. how much is it. >> this is $200. you can get this. a concerned yet this cost 50. each bulb 13 to $14.
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hundred bucks in and you have smart lights. which is really nice. you go to bed forgot to turn off th >> anchor: we talk about control. people worried about safety. hooked up to wifi. worried ab gb your phone having access. >> it is cool. because all the stuff i have is password protected and everything. and they have super advanced security one of the things going on the screen is this. it is a door bell that when pushed or approached. you do f hen the world. i get a notification saying someone at the front door. th talk about burglaries. >> the other day my brother happened to be answering the -- guy knocked did not ring it. he got on the phone and he was not. >> had a weird conversation and wrapped it up. it was cool best buy has these. smart is where you can get started. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> anchor: storm on the eastcoast.
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how flights are affecting and
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are doing. >> anchor: coming up on news 3 live today. cold case cracked. took 35 years but case finally ends the one thing prosecutors did not expect. plus, cancellations continue with storms battering the east. flights grounded. delays you can expect before you can take off. >> heart warming story. you can use your help. eight-year-old girl reaches taught cancer patients with a special project. >> live if las vegas, this is news 3 today. >> anchor: good morning. thank you for joining us. let's look at baltimore. tracking a winter storm about to hit the eve. you cannot see the skyline.
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preparing to get hit with quite a bit of snow. >> weather: 10 inches every six hours is what they are saying. a lot of snow. a mess back there. especially mid-atlantic states. prepared. i can remember years ago they would get half an inch in washington and paralyzed the capitol. better prepared now. >> anchor: a bit. but only so flared the city that doesn't get has much. >> weather: not montreal for sure. >> anchor: not used to it. i have family wondering where the snow was. well they are getting it right now. >> weather: it is coming folks. but not for us. we are not talking -- maybe we will get a sprinkle. possibility this afternoon or this evening. but otherwise benign weather pattern. view from the springs preserve. and i will put it in motion. you can start to see skies brightening, and you can see pronounced overcast. here is a view from alleyianty casino. nothing happening south. miracle mile shops 47 degrees. winds calm.
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see dewpoint at 28 degrees. pressure still relatively high. but we have a trough of low pressure in the area. 43 up at craig and alan in north las vegas. and 42 at the downtown studios. 40s predominates across the valley. and blue diamond upper 30s. 39 mont charleston lodge. 35 pahrump. 35 in boulder city. and 49 down the colorado river valley in laughlin. you can see the skies pretty uniformly cloudy. moisture developing over the spring mountains. we could see a shower or two this afternoon. about 20 percent chance. but still fairly mild. we should make it to low 60s. because winds are southerly. however they will swing northwest tonight and become gift. rather chilly out there jon. with temperatures around 40 degrees. and probably not making it out of the fits on sunday. although there will be a better looking day. look throughout the work week ahead. >> anchor: group of people at
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and seeing what they could have ahead. flying. >> anchor: thank you. millions impacted by the storm slamming the east. weather. that could rank in the worst in nearly a century. it is not over yes. mary malony reports. >> reporter: a monster storm barrels up the eastcoast. roughly quarter of the u.s. population in its path. this is view from space as weather covers the country. 30 million people under blizzard warnings. as storm moves north. with people bracing for high winds and record amounts of snow. shovels out in parts of the south as mother nature brought bitter air and winter weather. the storm hit early friday. transformed had highway into a parking lot. and in other areas trucks slid off roads. and people pushed cars.
6:27 am
this fire truck stuck in the snow. as the snow flakes fly. store shelves have emptied. >> g to grab last minute snacks before they close. >> reporter: one of the storm's big targets is washington, d.c. some decided to play in the cold. others jog look inas if they were dressed for summer. even as snow falls. the mayor issuing ominous warning for people to stay safe. >> i want to be very clear with everybody. we see this as a major storm. it has life and death implications. >> reporter: i am mary malony reporting. >> anchor: those storms are grounded hundreds of people here in the valley trying to get back home. sara said she tried on beat the winter storm reschedule her flight for this afternoon. but now she is stuck here for the weekend. mccarran officials say 34 flights were cancelled. another 34 grounded this weekend. taft said she tried to be proactive but paying the price.
6:28 am
is mother nature. so, you know, not like it is a problem with the flight. but it is just frustrating. trying to be proactive. and they just cannot win every time. >> anchor: last we checked flights heading to baltimore, denver, new york, philadelphia, phoenix all were cancelled. you can check mccarran's status of your flight if you are flying to the eve today. gun fire rang out at one of the strip's most popular locations late last night. that is an eerie sound. gun fire against the back drop of the music the belagio fountain. police shooting and wid with a handgun waving -- walking in and out of traffic las vegas boulevard. responding officers say he
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ignored by the suspect. >> we have video that shows what citizens were stating. which is the male was raising a firearm and pointing it at citizens on the strip. >> anchor: officer fired and missed and taken into custody. juvenile grazed by a bullet. and transported to umc with minor injuries. they have been released and are in good condition. this is the first officer involved shooting in 2016 but third one in the last month. december 17. where officer gregory simmick was shot at a apartment complex on las vegas boulevard south near pebble. suspect teague fox found after a seven hour search. he is facing several charges including attempted murder. another shooting left a 23-year-old man dead on new years eve. it happened near durango and desert inn. police say miscommunication with federal officials led to gun
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victim in that shooting was not armed. >> anchor: after 35 years, the man at the center of a cold case finally takes a plea deal. walker. plea allows him to avoid guilt but say they have enough evidence to convict him. after five years behind bars shannon's attorneys say he will immediately be available for parole. >> law is five to 15 which means after five years he is parole eligible. >> anchor: attorneys say he will never admit to killing walker. shannon is 65 years old and will be sentenced in march. after that, again, he had immediately apply for parole. still to come this morning. problems in flint get worse. disaster with the city's water turns tragic. when legionnaire's disease is found in the hospital. latest from michigan. this is a story that will warm
6:31 am
an eight-year-old girl reaches
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down time. >> anchor: welcome back. more trouble positive residents of flint michigan after legionnaire's disease found in a hospital's water system of the mcclaren hospital said low levels of legionnaire's bacteria are in the water system. hospital administrators saw a spike in legionnaire's after be flint switched to a different water source two years ago. the switch linked to increase in lead levels in the water. which is sense created a city wide crisis. state health officials deny water source chae cd the legionnaire's cases saying there is no evidence. some patients have died. >> anchor: cdc expanded list of countries they believe pregnant women should wait to visit. this over concerns of a virus
6:33 am
bites. 20 countries are on the list, brazil, ecuador, mexico, puerto rico. these countries are dealing with zeka virus. 80 percent of individuals infected have no symptoms but babies. it is linked to cases of a rare neurological condition called micro sefley in babies. it is more on c and countries that are part of the travel warning. >> anchor: up ahead after the break. eight-year-old girl helping better lives. heart warming story of a girl, "youtube" channel and dream. after this. > weather: we can hear this right now. fall head over hills for bravo
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>> anchor: welcome back. diagnosis that devastates a family emotionally and financially. learning a child has cancer. local eight-year-old reaches out it patient this is a special way. putting her artistic talent to use. denise explains how she is crafting for cancer. >> reporter: at eight years old lauren is like most kids her age. >> tag you are it. >> reporter: blowing off steam after school. and when play time ends. >> hi, i would like to make this. >> reporter: lauren takes to "youtube". delivering her own >> make sure it is tight and secure. video has a purpose. >> my sister has cancer. >> reporter: lauren is making wig phosgirls that lost their own hair during cancer treatment.
6:35 am
crochet needle, and weave cap and make the wigs look natural. >> red headed for red head girls. i have a lot. for hair. >> reporter: how wonderful. >> reporter: jeff gordon is president and ceo of nevada childhood cancer foundation organization where lauren will be donating the wigs. >> so much normal tee is taken out of their lives immediately. so when they lose their hair it is a huge thing. >> reporter: lauren's short-term goal is 10 wigs and over the summer when she has more time she plans to knock out, at least, another 20. helping little girls going through tough times of their lives feel more girly. >> i will keep making wigs but they take a long time of the so allonge do more. >> reporter: now she has a go fund me account asking for small
6:36 am
the wigs, will be free to >> i will be happy. >> reporter: someone else can all the better. >> i want to see, starting to fill out good. >> reporter: passing on her talent and possibly compassion. denise roush, news 3. >> anchor: if you want to donate to go fund me account for supplies we have a link on our website >> anchor: good story. >> weather: it was. i like stories about eight years old. it was a beautiful story. i wish our weather was beautiful. it will be so this weekend but compared to back east. as i say. this is new london connecticut home of the coast guard academy. two hours ago, doesn't look like a lot was happening. but we put it in motion. guess what? look at the ground. getting white. snow reaching eastern connecticut. and more to come i can assure
6:37 am
water. so this is not as much as inland which is pounded. meanwhile you can see sunrise view from there. a lot of clouds. talk about overcast skies today. 47 degrees. that's the fairly constant number here this hour on the strip. 46 percent humidity. dewpoint 27. and barometer is down. higher down at boulder city where it is 43 degrees. again winds are calm. and in the northeast valley up at lake mead. sandy miller elementary front. again winds are calm. 42 at the north las vegas airport. drop that a degree for downtown studios. and pair of 4's over at spring valley. and we take a look now officially 45 at the top of the hour for las vegas airport. it was 30 p tonena pa, and 50 l.a. and 40 in reno. cold air back east. on the back side of that low. that major winter storm that is
6:38 am
close n you have a look at it. there it is, off the virginia tidewater. back side you have the blizzard conditions. there is the warm front. raining along the coastm as you saw from new london with drop in temperatures. that rain is turning to snow. meanwhile for us, heavy overcast. but we have some moisture developing over the spring mountains. look for snow showers up on mount charleston today. reasonably sure a low trough moving through. another from him comes through. picking up winds that are southerly today. up tok 60. o they e nos desarrolla sobre swing north hard pressed to get out of the 50s tomorrow. but a better loo in overton today. 61 pahrump. picks up in alamo. 40s tone napa. and lows keeps temperatures up. but with winds northwest and gift it will be chilly. 63 today. afternoon shower possibility. north breeze. 5410 a.m.
6:39 am
by early evening, 57 degrees. and let's look at our evening forecast. clearing skies. but gusty winds. and a shower certainly possible. now mount charleston look for snowshower or two. wind or rain depends on elevation. but definitely a gusty afternoon. seven-day forecast, 20 percent chance of showers. this afternoon. and cooler and breezy on sunday. breeze osmond day. we eventually warm up of the we have to wait for thursday and friday for mid 60s. >> anchor: thank you so much. >> weather: looking for a nice meal to indulge in. look at bra vote. our friends here. our chef with us to show you few comfort classics you can find at bra vote. smells delicious. weather is easier to handle when you smell garlic. >> absolutely. thank you very much. thank you for having us. i tell you what all about bravo italian classic. running great feature.
6:40 am
soup. three spanish salads. bell casa, soup, lobster bisque which is awesome. chicken parmesan. we have a grilled chicken or one i will make today. this is my favorite. simple. simple is awesome. i took garlic, tomatoes and shrimp and sauteed it. add white wine. and fresh lemon. scampy is the basic of scampy is white wine, garlic and lemon juice. a little stock. nice center on that. >> anchor: what kind of stock. >> vegetable stock. so neutral. has no meat product in it. and it goes really well with shrimp dish.
6:41 am
and, of course, we have to add nothing like that. and makes it really good. bringst ove the top. absolutely. salt and pepper. and as a chef, you know, you have this hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands of pastas and what goes well with this is angel hair. very thin. great with shrimps. twirl t get a shrimp with every bite. some sauces with meat are too heavy. sauce too much for pasta noodle. >> anchor: delicate pasta? >> yes. at the restaurant we use rigatoni. but we use angel hair here. we use that. toss it up. and beautiful. >> anchor: this is a scale i could not have. >> absolutely.
6:42 am
>> anchor: looks good. >> awesome. and then, what we will do is we will, my favorite part of the dish that makes it a different twist. use pesto. toasted parmesan crumbs with pesto. we sprinkle that on top. >> anchor: smells good. >> anchor: chopped parsley and garnish it with toasted garlic crustini. there you have it. shrimp scampy my favorite. >> anchor: presentation is everything. >> it is. very important. as you can see when i wiped the plates, chefs in our restaurant stand on front line to make sure executive chefs expedite the food coming out of the kitchen. that's the job. final person before it goes to the guest. make sure it is beautiful. >> anchor: thank you chef. we will eat this as soon as we finish here.
6:43 am
appreciate you coming on. >> anchor: complicated path of the strip includes glamor, production shows, and sinister background presence of the mob n 1 case they were combined as seen in new exhibit at the mob museum. collaboration nevada state museum.
6:44 am
>> came to town with a elegance, panache, cheekness, that >> >> custom karen feder said focus they wore. >> interesting to note gorgeous jewels used that are expensive. hand work that now we do not see in costumes. >> why bring a show girl display this man. better known as joe. >> he ca not because of a great deal of expertise with production shows but because there was no chance he was going to get a game i can license to run the tropicana. >> money issue, needed money to mount the show, not able to get a loan and an opening for mob to step in. >> as he started the skim, mitzi bought 51 percent of the tropicana. >> this actually was a temporarily a kink in mob's
6:45 am
until they gained her trust and, you know, gained trust he and ultimately was very involved s i >> when i came in, i came in with 6.4 million. and within 24 hours, there was left. >> as show girls entertain $11.4 million. >> you could not satisfy this desire. bottomless pit. >> what they did not know is law enforcement was watching them closely. and that ultimately it was caught. >> agusto witness in conviction in the spring . of crime boss savilela, carl luna and casino owner carl thomas. >> all as glamorous costumes were paradeed in showroom. >> this costume is a symbol of
6:46 am
and the tropicana. the followly. >> tom hawley news 3. >> anchor: she died in 1983 soon after flipping against bosses brigs was penniless and dieing. followly closed in 2009. new display opens tomorrow evening and main collection at the nevada state museum. here is what we have for our hero segment tomorrow. she gives a voice to missing and forgotten. more than 40,000 unidentified victims in america labeled only as jon or jane doe. and rebel jayne morris created can you identify me to help unite murder victims with families to be buried real name. so far her group has put a name on faces of more than 160 people. >> a lot of families do not find closure. but they find their loved ones. there is not always answers. so sometimes it is just knowing
6:47 am
about their life again. >> you can catch the story this weekend on news news 3 live 6:00 a.m. sunday. thank you for joining us. news 3. nicer here than the eastcoast. >> weather: a lot nicer. keeping track of family members that are now buried by snow. >> weather: been there, done that.
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thank you for joining us. good morning. the blizzard of 2016. massive storm barrelling up the east coast this morning already worse than expected in some parts. at least ten are dead. more than a foot of snow on the ground with another 2 feet possible in the mid-atlantic. along the shoreline, wind gusts at hurricane-strength. 85 million people in the storm's path this morning. 33 million under a blizzard watch. airports a nightmare. >> this is our third flight change. >> hundreds without power and on
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